Regenerative Urban Strategy

Providing strategic tools, resources, and support that guide communities to regenerative success

As an emerging approach, regenerative urbanism requires a clear definition, a compelling value proposition, and strategic frameworks that guide communities directly towards net positive values. Regensia fulfills these requirements by providing:

Regenerative City Goals and Vision

Regensia’s Regenerative City StandardTM (RCS) provides the goals and vision of net positive urban development across environmental, economic, social, and political performance areas. Each area has a unique set of criteria, goals, and benchmarks that outline how it can create net positive value. The RCS looks at communities holistically and recognizes that effective urban innovation involves managing all aspects of development systematically and synergistically.

Urban Systems Benchmarking

Regensia’s REVATM (Regenerative Value Assessment) platform is a robust urban systems evaluation platform that guides communities to the RCS goals. It provides an integrated systems view of urban places to inform smarter planning, better decision making, and strategic investment. The platform benchmarks and measures urban performance against the RCS goals and within a spectrum of development phases that range from exploitive to regenerative, with sustainable representing a break-even zero point. When cumulated, these scores represent a community’s unique footprint in regards to its social, environmental, and economic health.

Strategic Action Planning

With a clear understanding of a community’s performance gap between its baseline conditions and regenerative goals, REVATM functions as a powerful analysis and planning tool that exposes a strategic path to regenerative and circular success. It illuminates actions that are best suited to bridge performance gaps, and informs implementation roadmaps that include key stakeholder, technology, regulatory, and finance factors.

Regensia’s REVATM platform is versatile in its application. It can be calibrated to assess local development guidelines or those of complimentary programs (such as the UN SDGs, LEED ND, and Living Community Challenge), guide new district buildouts, or monitor an entire city’s progress through time. Review our Featured Projects to see the platform at work.

Strategy Services

  Community Goal Setting

  Urban Systems Baseline Assessment

  Regenerative Performance Gap Analysis

  Circular Economy Analysis

  Urban Metobolic Analysis

  Urban Systems Integration Analysis

  True Cost Accounting

  Strategic Action Planning

  Resiliency & Climate Adaptation Planning

  Scenario Planning

  Policy & Regulatory Support

  Public-Private Partnerships

  Communications & Outreach

  Workshops & Events